A man’s guide to buying sexy underwear for the woman in his life

A man’s guide to buying sexy underwear for the woman in his life

While most women will tell you that it’s probably not appropriate to buy sexy underwear for a woman if it’s only your second or third date, if you have a woman in your life that you’ve been dating for a while, then you need to learn how to buy the sexy underwear that she will love.

By buying your wife some sexy panties, you let her know that you think she’s important enough and sensual enough to appreciate that you believe she’s attractive.

Below is a short but detailed list of how to buy sexy designer underwear for that special woman.

1. Buy branded tights or thongs for her from a reputable online retailer or luxury store in the mall. Even if she’s not a brand-conscious woman, she’ll appreciate the effort you put in and the comfortable fit.

2. To avoid confusion by shopping in a mall store (there are just too many choices and too many sales associates asking if they can help you), you will find that it is much easier to shop online, and then just have the package delivered to your home or office. (This does require some planning on your part, however.)

3. Check if the online store has a return policy that is allowed in your country. Some online stores allow returns, but if you live in a state that doesn’t allow the return of undergarments, your special lady won’t be able to return your gift for a different size or color.

4. During the ordering process, please note that the item you wish to purchase is immediately available for shipment. You don’t want to place your order and then discover that the sensual panties you wanted to buy have been on backorder for two months.

5. Allow enough time to process your order, ship it and get it in your hands a few days or a week before the day you want to give your wife her special gift. If the online seller has an express delivery option, you may need to spend a few extra dollars to make sure your gift arrives ahead of time.

6. Women’s panties come in a variety of colors and styles. Pick the ones you think will please her the most. After all, it’s her gift, right?

7. If you’re not sure what size to order for her, you can refer to the website’s size chart for help. If you want to buy her a gift in advance, you already know what size she’s wearing and what her favourite color is, so buying online should be quick.

8. If you want to wow her the night you give her, make a little gift card with a rhyming message. It doesn’t have to be anything spectacular, but a few short verses show her that you’ve taken the time to tap into her sensitive side.

9. Finally, know in your heart that you are selfish to yourself. You buy her a gift to make her feel good and appreciate you, but it will benefit you if she models her gift for you.