Iran may cut oil to other EU nations

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

IRAN will cut oil exports to other EU countries if their "hostile actions" continue, the deputy oil minister who heads the state oil company said yesterday, a day after Tehran halted sales to France and Britain.

Exports to Spain, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Germany and the Netherlands would be stopped, Ahmad Qalebani was quoted as saying by Mehr news agency.

"Certainly if the hostile actions of some European countries continue, the export of oil to these countries will be cut," said Qalebani, who runs the National Iranian Oil Company.

Iran exports nearly 20 per cent of its crude to the European Union, most of which goes to Italy, Spain and Greece.

On Monday, the oil ministry announced it had halted exports to France and Britain.

That was in apparent retaliation for an EU-wide ban on Iranian oil that is to come fully into effect July 1 as part of Western sanctions against Tehran's nuclear programme.AFP

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