'BSP has 50 to 100 immediate vacancies'

A man walks past the entrance of the Oil and Gas Service Sector Job Fair 2011 crowded with visitors at the BRIDEX exhibition hall in Jerudong. Picture: BT/Saifulizam

BRUNEI'S largest private sector employer, BSP, said yesterday it has about 50 to 100 immediate vacancies.

In the next 12 months, the Brunei Shell Joint Venture and its partner contractors are looking to create 500 to 700 Bruneian jobs.

Managing Director of Brunei Shell Petroleum (BSP) Ken Marnoch, told The Brunei Times during the Oil and Gas Fair at the BRIDEX Hall yesterday that this is part of their commitment towards local development in cooperation with Brunei's government.

"That's us working together with our business partners looking at what to achieve together. That's the kind of commitment we show," he said.

When asked what has changed in the Brunei Shell organisation over the past few months, Marnoch said that the most significant was recognising the need to be more connected and visible about the job opportunities it is offering.

"The nature of all our jobs are on our website, if you go there you can see it. But, how do we get people interested in them? And this job fair is a great opportunity to show a little bit of what our business is about," he said.

He urged visitors to visit the BSP booth to see the young engineers who are "excited about their jobs" so that they could get interested and potentially, work in the business.

"It's not a big change in what we do, but we have changed how we think and operate," he said.

Marnoch also talked about the need to address a lack of engineers in the country.

"We are working together with the government, the Energy Department at the Prime Minister's Office (EDPMO) and Ministry of Education about what we can do to work together, and look at the alignment of education to what the industry needs," he said.

The managing director said there are a lot of institutions like Institut Teknologi Brunei (ITB) and Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) which can work together with industry players to create the right opportunities for young Bruneians to provide the skilled workers Brunei needs.

"We are keen to work with ITB and other institutions, that way we can offer (opportunities) together, rather than what ITB delivers to us," he said.

At this moment, Marnoch estimates that there are 20,000 people working for the BSJV and its contractors, half of those being Bruneians.

"So first thing to do in order to generate Bruneian jobs, is to look at where Bruneians can perform," he said.

Marnoch said growth in the Brunei oil and gas sector is partly due to the government's initiatives towards downstream activities.

There are new refineries and petrochemical facilities planned which will generate new jobs, as well as a continuing exploration programme whether in deepwater or general areas.

"Finding oil and gas means more people are needed in order to operate those facilities. The plan for 2030, is to build on diversification, growth of Bruneian and current jobs, and growth of number of jobs in the country, and we need all three to deliver," he said.

"We need to generate Bruneian skilled workers and professionals, creating opportunity at every level of education for the potential of the oil and gas industry," Marnoch said.

One of the positive steps is the Oil and Gas Fair, where he said that from the first day, there is a good turnout where a lot are "interested and enthusiasted".

"People are walking in to interviews as we are speaking and it's great to see what we can do when we connect the industry to people. So many don't know about what opportunities that exist and what the business is all about. The fair helps with that," he said.

Marnoch said that visitors with experience and and qualifications will be interviewed on the spot, and BSP is potentially offering jobs for graduates and Higher National Diploma level.The Brunei Times

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