NBT Raya decoration attracts public


THE NBT's Hari Raya decoration, located outside its showroom's compound in Gadong has attracted the public to take a closer look and subsequently, take pictures at the spot.

The compound had been turned into a mini traditional kampung with festive atmosphere, with the presence of old style Malay houses, dolls dressed in traditional Malay costumes, Lemang, Dodol, big Ketupat, stereo-foam cars and other decorations.

Upon stepping into the compound, one would feel like being in the middle of a Hari Raya cartoon movie. It is the atmosphere that brought such happy feeling to the fore.

The NBT's decoration themed Hari Raya Aidilfitri was built in good time as the festive celebration is less than a week away, and populace in the Sultanate are warming up towards the big day.

Responses by the members of the public were very encouraging. People regardless of race and beliefs have flocked the site all hours of the day, especially at night, to be specific after breaking fast (sungkai), that is when the lights are on.

The festive atmosphere is more evident then.

The colourful lightings displayed at every corner at the decorations made the place even livelier. One of the many visitors, Rina Suzaila Hj Hassan said that she felt as if she was in a Disneyland in Brunei.

She added that at first she felt shy to take photographs at the compound as it was her first time. However, the sight of other visitors who brought their friends and families there, and took turn to take pictures there, has made her shyness flew out of the window. She felt comfortable after that.

Rina Suzaila was also happy to see some Bruneians taking the opportunity to have fun with their families there. She said that normally only foreigners would do such thing, but NBT had done a great job of making it possible for the Bruneians as well.

She felt appreciated by the effort made by the NBT in providing such wonderful garden for the people in Brunei.

"The decorations, their lay out are perfectly done and it managed to attract people to take pictures at the garden," she commented. Some people could be seen bringing their DSLR camera, digital pocket camera and some even used their handphones' camera.

Rabi'Atul Ada Wiyyah, 24, said that she enjoyed taking picture with her pocket camera.

"It was the reflection of the lightings and the nice and colourful arrangement of the decorations in the garden that made the picture comes alive," she said.The Brunei Times

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