UBD students partake in course at Ulu-Ulu Park


THE Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) Student Council session 2008/2009 had conducted its physical phase of leadership course which was organised by the UBD Student Affairs at the Ulu-Ulu National Park, Belalong, Temburong, on last March from 2 until 4 March. The group consist of 16 student representative council members and five Student Affairs staff including the head of the group the UBD Dean of Students, Dr Nurolaini.

They depart from UBD at 8am and arrived at the Kianggeh Jetty at 8.30am for the speedboat ride to Bangar Town, Temburong. An hour later the group arrived at Bangar Town, Temburong. Here the group relax themselves before continuing their journey to Batang Duri for "Temuai" ride to Belalong.

From Bangar they continued their journey to Batang Duri. There the group have a "Temuai" ride and at last arrived at Ulu-Ulu National Park 45 minutes later. Upon arriving one of the Student Affairs staff conducted "Ice Breaking" and "Team Work" activity for the members. The leadership course later been continued at the night with "cooking session" game where teamwork and patience is needed.

On the second day, the national park management brought the group for the Canopy Walk where the group climb the tower built by the Forestry Department for visitors to enjoy the view of the untouched forest. During the afternoon the group went to Sg Apan water fall. The purposes of these two activities are to increase the spirit of team work and to make the student representative members conscious about the environment.

During the night another game known as "trust building" was conducted by one of the student council members Ahmad Fuad in order to increase the trusting spirit among the student council members.

The third and the last day of the course the national park staff brought the group for "Medicinal Trail" activity where the staff showcase the herbs and medicine plants at the forest to the group.

The activity quite beneficial for the student representative council and staff itself as after the activity they were given chance to taste and eat the herbs.

At the same time it is seen that for most of the UBD Students especially the Student Representative Council itself showed a good example by conducting the course at Ulu-Ulu National park and in line with the governments intensified "Kenali Negara Kitani" promotion. The Brunei Times

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