Bintang Ria markets 'Kapal Api' coffee


MILLIONS of people around the world love nothing more than to start their day with a steaming cup of coffee.

The smell, the taste, the caffeine lift and the shared experience of coffee have become a staple of our modern life and culture.

It was in 2001 and researches were ongoing for one year before entering the Malaysian market. Various surveys have been conducted to understand the product, the trend and market acceptability of roast and ground coffee in Malaysia.

Different types of roast and ground coffee brands were found in different areas and different states in Malaysia. Nevertheless, all the brands are traditionally grown and never aggressively promoted.

Taste and expectation of coffee drinkers were different and formula used in different brands gives a difficult task to the R&D back in the factory. Coffee drinkers are in fact "loyal customers", they might just stick to the taste they prefer once they like it.

Kapal Api coffee is made from the finest coffee beans blended to produce sensational coffee experience in both aroma and taste. "It's unrivalled good taste and aroma make it a 'Real Strong Coffee'."

"This remarkable blend offers the best of all worlds: a powerful flavour, full finish and hearty aroma."

"Perfect for getting the day off to a great start and keeping you going the whole day," said officials from Bintang Ria Sdn Bhd.

"Once you smell the aroma of Kapal Api, you'd know it is one of best coffees available."

"Made from selected coffee beans and uniquely blended, Kapal Api offers a whole new standard in the enjoyment and sensation of a cup of coffee," said Bintang Ria.To maximise the experience in coffee enjoyment, consumers are offered a wide range of Kapal Api products from Kapal Api Kaw coarse and fine ground coffee (pure roast and ground), Kapal Api klasik (Kapal Api Special mix) and Kapal Api 3-in-1 coffee (rough and ground 3-in-1 coffee). (RHR1) The Brunei Times
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