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Primary School Category Winner - Dhyan Thejas
Name: Dhyan Thejas
Winner of Primary school catergory
Name of School:
St. John's School, Kuala Belait
In a great school, in a great country.

Living and studying in Brunei, I always consider myself lucky in many ways. First of all, I am indeed happy to live in a peaceful country with loving and gentle people. Secondly, I like my school so much because of the caring teachers and good friends.

The name of my school is St. John’s School, Kuala Belait.What I like most about my school is that we have a large number of extra curricular activities which help us to change our talents into super talents. Our teachers always encourage us to join such activities. There are many clubs in our school, for example, badminton club, chess club, football club etc. Our school is beautiful and we keep it always clean. We have two big basketball and football grounds. Our school has classes from KG1 to Year 11. Here is a small quote which our school follows: Our progress as a nation can be no swifter than our education. Human mind is our fundamental resource. This is said by USA’s former president John F Kennedy. Education is very important and that is why schools are very important.

Here is a brief history of our school: St. John’s School was founded in the 1930s. It was one of the first English schools in the country at that time. It still keeps its great tradition as a great institution of knowledge.

Now, thinking about the country, what I like most about Brunei Darussalam is that it is beautifully peaceful. Nowhere we see rush or people quarrelling or fighting. Brunei’s greenery is a great attraction for me. I have been to many beautiful places like Temburong, Labi waterfalls and Tutong beach and I was
surprised to hear from my geography teacher that 80% of Brunei is tropical rainforest. I like to live in this country very much for these reasons. I hope this great country will preserve its tradition of peacefulness in the future too. With its petroleum money, Brunei can be the most powerful country in all of South-East Asia, better than Singapore.