New vehicles to boost Kopri security services


IN TRYING to meet the requirements to fulfil the needs of security services in the Sultanate, Koperasi Rimbun Berhad (Kopri) had recently introduced "Response and Dispatch Services" (RDS).

In the conjunction with their RDS launching yesterday, the director of Brunei Industry Development Authority (Bina), Pg Sharifuddin Pg Hj Metali officiated the ceremony by sprinkling Tepung Tawar to two new vehicles (Toyota Avanza) as a sign to bless the RDS vehicles owned by Kopri.

The auspicious occasion was held at the Kopri compound, Hj Uthman Building at Old International Airport, Kampung Jaya Setia. This was the first time Kopri has ever held an occasion at their premises.

With these two new Avanzas, the Kopri will be able to execute their services more efficiently in meeting the urgent need to assist and deploy their personnel in case of emergency at various sites guarded by their security personnel.

Speaking to The Brunei Times, Hj Ismail Md Yassin, Security Manager of Kopri said that at the moment, there are more than 100 securities in Kopri.

He added that ever since its first establishment in 1997, Kopri has managed to expand their network and offer their services to guard foreign embassy residents, shopping complex such as Giant hypermarket, government buildings and petrol stations.

"Most of our personnel here were from former militaries and policemen," said Hj Ismail who is also a retired police officer. He said that for applications, interested personnel must be aged between 25 years old to 50 years old.

Dato Paduka Seri Hj Rahman Hj Besar in his capacity as the chairman of Kopri said that this premier delivery and dispatch services were one of the Kopri's effort and vision to cater for employment opportunities in the country especially for the locals.

He added that with the introduction of premier services, Kopri is focusing on expanding their operations area as well.

Hj Ismail said that in the near future, Kopri will be launching a security school as an effort to give their personnel valuable and useful knowledge in their field as security officers.

Dato Paduka Seri Hj Rahman said that they were also introducing their premier delivery and dispatch services to businessmen and individuals in the Sultanate.

He said that this would include collection and delivery services within the country such as letters, documents and parcels.

He pointed out the importance of customer satisfaction and the provision of excellent quality services which were crucial to successful services. Kopri will ensure all of its staff members to be continuously providing excellent quality services to their customers.

He added that this would not only be concentrating on their existing customers, but to the members of the public as well. He added that this principle was indeed very important to be upheld as it would preserve and maintain the reputation of their organisation.

Also present to witness the ceremony were officers from Bina and directors of Kopri.

For further details and inquiries about their services, public may call 2342565 and 2337565 or could drop an email to or

The Brunei Times

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