Tasty 'Deals' for people you love


SHOW your loved ones how special they are and make your way down to Deals Restaurant at the Radisson, where dining out is no longer just an excuse not to wash up, but a memorable and formidable experience to be savoured. Since the change of management, the restaurant had been closed to be refitted and refurbished and has now been relaunched. With a recent facelift, new staff and a new lease on life, the "new" Deals restaurant is sure to delight patrons with the décor, deliver top-quality cuisine with style and make your mouth water with delectable and exotic creations.

Upon entry of the restaurant, it's not only stylish, well-lit chandeliers that will catch your eye, it's the feeling of space. The restaurant still occupies the same area, but has been redesigned so as not to make you feel cramped into a corner with no wiggling room for your elbows. This is thanks to the modular dining tables, which the staff can move around and change to suit any size party according to the need. In fact, the restaurant can seat up to 40 people comfortably, and is suitable for small wedding or dinner parties.

"Our new executive chef and food and beverage manager, Chef Pathmanathan Balagangdaram, is thrilled and eager to unveil the exciting combination of innovative and contemporary cuisine that will ensure to please all lovers of food. This extensive menu ranges from exciting dishes such as the Middle Eastern Mezze Platter, Morton Bay Bug Tart to the classics such as 'Surf & Turf', 'Catch of the Day' and the succulent Wagyu Beef," said the staff at Deals. The mark of a successful and satisfying menu is what distinguishes Deals. The food makes for an enticing and artful pleasure to as they are aesthetically and universally pleasing culinary creations. With Chef Pathma Balan's worldwide expertise in the kitchen, Deals is sure to attract diners from miles around to savour the new flavours. "We are thrilled that Deals Restaurant is the first to have undergone the exciting changes through new enhancement in the design and concept," said Peter Feran, General Manager of Radisson Hotel Brunei Darussalam. "This modern, refreshing and contemporary concept will demonstrate our innovation aimed at enhancing the guest experience." The Brunei Times

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