Taste of India at Goldiana


THE minute you enter the Goldiana Cafe and Lounge in the Orchid Garden Hotel, you will be greeted by a beautiful young lady dressed in a heavily embroidered sari.

But all that metres of sparkling cloth is only the beginning as Goldiana Cafe and Lounge embarks on a memorable gastronomical tour of incredible India. From October 29 to November 7, the restaurant cooks up a Northern Indian storm thanks to Chefs Kamal and Shukur, who will be bringing a variety of both familiar and exotic treats for everyone.

Food and Beverage Sales Executive Ayudid Swendinastity, or better known as Aztie, said that Goldiana has run their Indian Food Promotion for the past few years but this time they decided to choose only the best of the best dishes to cater to a wider clientele .

It was also explained that unlike Malay curries, the ones available during the week will not include santan (coconut milk) but instead be replaced by milk or yoghurt to give it a more sour flavour.

Interesting dishes from the eight stalls include tamarind fish curry, curry fried flower crabs, tandoori chicken salad, potato bonda, chai masala (ginger milk tea) as well as your choice of plain or fruit lassi.

For the curious, there is even a live demonstration of how maruku and chickpeas masala are made.

Most interesting of all would be the Iddli (also called Appam or Hoppers) which are steamed rice cakes which bear the familiar texture of pancakes. The sauce accompanying it looks innocent enough but packs a spicy kick. It turns out to be made of garlic, coconut and chilli. A must-try for the daring. Decked out in bright colours, the Indian Food Promotion lets your tastebuds do the travelling for you as your senses are overwhelmed by everything Indian.

From the strangely hypnotic sound of fresh maruku being fried, the various flavours ranging from sweet, sour to spicy and the sound of Bollywood themes wafting through the airwaves. In fact, the televisions in the Goldiana Cafe and Lounge will play different popular Bollywood movies all night long. So on top of good food, there is the added appeal of the drama, suspense and musical scenes to keep patrons entertained. Goldiana Cafe and Lounge's Indian Food Promotion is available at $19.80 per adult and $12.80 per child.The Brunei Times

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