Frolic at Grazie Mauri's Bolognese Festival


SPAGHETTI BOLOGNESE is one of the dishes synonymous with Italian cuisine and pasta but the Chef Mauri Group of Restaurants have taken it a step further with its Bolognese Festival which started on November 8 and will run until November 28.

Managing Director and Chef, Maurizio Intrigila, said that in addition to the typical beef, chicken and seafood bolognese, other varieties have been added to the list to compete with other Italian restaurants in Brunei that are getting more aggressive.

As Bolognese is usually already very rich, the Vegetarian Bolognese was put together to cater to those who are health conscious without compromising the taste. The Duck and Lamb Bolognese are another two variations which add an interesting meaty twist to the tomato flavour.

Chef Maurizio personally prepares the Bolognese dishes freshly for customers during the promotion, seeing to it that they enjoy not just the taste but even the textures of authentic dishes from Italy.

With a motto like "Dine. Enjoy. Smile." It is hard to not be pleased by good food and great service.

For reservations and more information about the all-day long bolognese extravaganza, contact Grazie Mauri at 2447471, Villa Mauri at 2335585 & Prego Mauri at 3347144.The Brunei Times
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