NY noodle maestro opens Sydney eatery


NEW York noodle maestro David Chang is to open his first restaurant outside the United States in Sydney, and told local media he had "just fallen in love with Australia" last Saturday.

Chang will open a harbourside eatery as part of an US$847,000 redevelopment of Star City casino, publicists for the casino said in a statement.

"When I first visited Australia earlier this year, I knew at once there was an affinity," Chang said in the statement. "I am delighted to be given the opportunity to share the Momofuku philosophy at this world-class dining destination."

Chang opened his Momofuku Noodle Bar in New York's East Village in 2004, arousing appetites for his cheap and inventive food and, after an initial rocky start, becoming a superstar chef there.

He told The Sydney Morning Herald that his move to open a restaurant in Australia was a response to the burgeoning food scenes in the country's largest cities, Sydney and Melbourne.

"I've just fallen in love with Australia," he said. "People are excited about food in Australia. It's fresh and it's energetic.

"New York will always be home but there's something in Australia that Americans have never opened up at,"

Chang adds, "Australians are very serious about their food, their coffee culture and their drinks. It's a fascinating place."

The Star City casino development is scheduled for completion in Sydney and Melbourne in late 2011.

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