Useful travel gifts to impress your family, friends

Sunday, December 18, 2011

WITH Christmas just around the corner, it's time for the Christian community in Brunei to think about what to get for their loved ones in this season of giving! Expensive gifts are attractive, but they burn a gaping hole through your wallet. Personalised and thoughtful gifts, however, require so much more effort and they're more likely to be used by your loved ones rather than to be sitting in a shelf looking pretty.

This holiday season is also the time when everyone takes a trip somewhere. What better gift than some travel items to go with them so that they can remember you when they're out of town?

Check out my list of top five travel gifts that go at affordable prices!

1. Universal Travel Adapter

Wherever you go, you have to plug in your trusty gadgets to charge at night to use when you're out and about in the daytime. Save your frequent flyer friend or family the hassle of finding an adapter for specific countries every time they are about to go on a trip with an all-in-one travel adapter that fits the socket in any country they go to. These can be found ranging from $11.29 to $21.99 in local stores anywhere.

2. Passport Holder

Don't you just hate having to fumble through your bags for important documents and your passport when you're at the airport. When one is on the go, it's easy to lose things and there's no bigger travel disaster than losing your passport or flight ticket! A passport holder could really make your travel less stressful. The holder comes with with separate pockets for your passport (of course), flight tickets and, membership and credit cards. I haven't seen any passport holders in Brunei (because I haven't been looking out for them and I've got mine from BIBD a souvenir), but they're easily available on online stores. Prices may vary.

3. Shoestring Travel Guide

Shoestring travel guides are helpful as it serves as a guide to visiting more places with a limited budget. With information on places to go and stay in a variety of countries, you're going to give your globe-trotting friend more places to dream of and set them to plan on their next exciting journey overseas. I love Lonely Planet guides because they have the best recommendations on accommodations, transportation and places to visits for frugal travellers. I bought a Lonely Planet Guide: Southeast Asia on a Shoestring for almost $50, but travel guide books on single countries are also available from $20 to $35 at local book stores such as Best Eastern.

4. Travel Language Guide

Getting to know the local language is not essential, but they're a big help! Language is an important tool for communication. Going around a foreign country is a lot easier when you know some basic language to get you around. Locals love it when you can speak their language, even if it's a simple "thank you" so they're more likely to help you out. That's the power of language for you! Basic language guides go for about $11 to $20 at local book stores.

5. Travel Journal

Personalise a simple notebook, and turn it into a travel journal for your frequent flyer friend to keep track of his or her travel adventures. Experiences and memories are the most important things for avid travellers, help them to remember their life's journeys through this simple, yet thoughtful journal as a gift. A nice fancy lambskin notebook can go at $10 to $20, found at local department stores. The Brunei Times

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