Kampung Night affair at The Coffee House


KAMPUNG delights take centre stage at The Coffee House of The Rizqun International Hotel, Gadong until end of this month as it is "Kampung Night" buffet promotion.

The best thing about this buffet is that it features fresh fish cooked kampung-style; marinated in turmeric and salt and fried to perfection. To complement, the dish is served with a variety of sambal: Sambal Menangis — very spicy, Air Assam, Cili Kicap and Sambal Thailand to name a few.

Among the selections include Indian Mackerel (Ikan Rumahan), White fish, Sole (Pila Pila), Red Snapper (Ikan Merah), and silver Snapper (Ikan Berahan).

There's more! At the "Rebusan" corner, feast your eyes and appetite with kampung favourites such as steamed tapioca, sweet potatos, yam and bananas. Add on the sweet condiments: grated coconut, palm sugar syrup, red and green bean syrup.

Over at the "Goreng Goreng" corner, many types of fritters such as ones that include shrimp, anchovies, vegetables and tofu await diners.

There are also keropok lekor that is very popular in Malaysia and now in Brunei as well.

Do not miss Sup Rampaian , that is similar to that of soto, except that instead of noodles in a bowl of beef broth, the soup is served with cubes of boiled potatos.

A popular dish in Brunei, Ambuyat is also featured in the buffet and has it's own special corner in the restaurant. There, diners can also watch as Chef Zul prepares this gum-textured staple from ambulong flour. The condiments for this dish are Bulu Kampung, Binjai, Cencalok, Mambangan, Belacan and Tempoyak for everyone to mix and make their very own sambal cecah.

A special soup, called Sup Tahai, which is strongly flavoured by smoked fish, lemon grass and asam kulit is also served there.

For the main dishes, indulge in Sate, Ulam such as Daun Pucuk Ubi and eggplant, curries, sting rays in sour turmeric sauce, as well as an assorted pick of fried seafood.

The variety of seafood is displayed on the sampan for diners to choose from.

For desserts, the Kampung Night buffet presents diners with a variety of favourite local desserts such as Kek Lapis, Steamed cakes (apam), Bubur Durian, Kueh Celurut as well as jellies and an assortment of cakes.

Make your reservations now by calling +673 2423000 ext. 7811 or fax: +673 2428000.

You can also e-mail at fbc@rizquninternational.com.

The buffet is priced at $25 for an adult and $12.50 for children.

The Brunei Times

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