Special guests on Pelangi FM


HAZAMA, Akademi Fantasia's winner for the latest season nine (AF9), visited the Pelangi FM studio in the capital on Monday, August 1, 2011.

The winner of the Malaysian reality television show joined Pelangi FM's DJ Ashraff Rannil on air to entertain local radio listeners by participating in Ashraff's 'First Thing' game show.

Hazama also talked about his hit single, Pokok, which features Malaysian Band Meet Uncle Husin.

The reality show winner also spoke about his stint on AF, the relationship he built with AF9 contestants, and previous AF winners. He told Dj Ashraff of his admiration for Mawi, a previous AF champion.

Hazama and DJ Ashraff had a blast playing the First Thing game, which requires the contestant to come up with one word answers within a time frame of 60 seconds.

Some of the highlight answers were: Pokok (tree) Hijau (green) and Ibu (mother) Legend.

Before they wrapped up the show, Hazama made a special Ramadhan shout out to his Bruneian fans.

Later this month, Ashraff Rannil will be featuring Azri AF9, Fina AF9 as well as Awi Rafael.

As a special bonus treat for his Pelangi FM listeners, AF sensation Mawi will be dropping by on the airwaves with DJ Ashraff on Monday, August 8, 2011 at 9pm.

So make a date with Ashraff Rannil on the First Thing game show every Monday at 9pm exclusively on Pelangi FM. For more details please log on to facebook.com/pelangi fm.

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