Preparations for Perdana Wazir English School reunion in full swing

Ex-PWES reunion committee members discussing about the upcoming gathering to be held at Pusat Ihsani Centre in Seria, Belait District, on March 10. Picture: Courtesy of Tengku Zainal

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

PREPARATIONS are underway as reunion committee members for ex-PWES (Perdana Wazir English School), now known as Perdana Wazir Secondary School, are gearing up for the March 10 reunion at Pusat Ihsani Centre in Seria, Belait District.

Speaking with The Brunei Times during a tour of the centre, committee member Hjh Rogayah Tajuddin stated that the committee, comprising not more than 20 ex-students, decided to hold a reunion for its 1970s, 1980s, 1990s intakes and teaching staff who haven't met in years.

"It has been decades since we all graduated from the school and went our separate ways; some continued studying elsewhere and others decided to work for a living, but thanks to Facebook, we managed to reconnect with our childhood friends and put up a facebook page to find our colleagues who we have lost contact with for years," she said.

The government servant retiree indicated that the purpose of the preparation was to bring the committee members to the centre and to brainstorm on how to set the place up in time for the big event.

"We have divided ourselves into several groups, such as those working on the technical and planning procedures, food and beverages, ticketing and so on... and we have high hopes that the anticipated event will give an opportunity for us to meet and bond," said Hjh Rogayah.

The event is expected to be attended by 300 ex-PWES students, and one of the highlights will be musical performances and a live feed through Skype with former principal Owen Stanley Robert, who was PWES' last foreign principal. The Brunei Times

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