Fun Bee Park plans more activities for children


FUN Bee Park, the indoor activity play centre for children ages four and above, will have more activities in store for the children that ranges from books to social responsibilities under the care and guidance of the centre.

Parents will have a future chef in the making as the centre's Cooking Club will ensure the children learn a safe and healthy way of preparing their food and for the family too. The children-safe kitchen at the centre is home to many cooking projects where dishes such as meatloaf and cupcakes were made by the children.

"We want the children to expose themselves to more than just play time," said Fun Bee Park Managing Partner Cecilia Lee. She added that the next project for the Cooking Club is to produce their own recipe book that revolves around the children and their experiences in the kitchen.

"The children will get a chance to make their own dishes as well as have their own book together. There will be two stages of the project which will involve a video shoot when they are in the kitchen as well as a photo shoot for the book," said Lee.

When the project is done, parents and families of the students will be invited to an "open house" to try out the food that the students make, added Lee.

In addition, Fun Bee Park also introduced more educational books into their library.

"We have new educational books which are '3D' mainly because there are 3D-like models and pictures in the book for the children. These are handy because it helps the children visualise what they are reading," explained Lee.

The centre continuously provides its members opportunities to explore their creative side with a number of activities and games. However, the centre also aims to teach the children the act of sympathy and compassion as the centre is planning to organise a visit to the childrens' ward in RIPAS Hospital on July 30 along with KFC Brunei and Fitness Zone.

"The children will make and wrap small hampers which will then be given to the children who are in the ward," said Lee. She also mentioned that the visit is to give a chance for the children in the ward to have a festive day during the month of Ramadhan and in turn will give the children of Fun Bee Park a feel of what is like to be a responsible citizen.

"I feel that it is important to teach them from a young age what it is like to give to people as well as to give the patients an opportunity to have a good time with our kids. We want to take Fun Bee Park outside the centre and give back to the community," said Lee.

For more information on Fun Bee Park, those interested are welcome to call 2467729 or send a text to 7178232.

Fun Bee Park is located at A6 & A7, Ground Floor, Sempurna Complex, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam (near Happy Star, Batu Bersurat).

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