Brunei Darussalam to celebrate Hari Raya Aidil Fitri tomorrow


BRUNEI Darussalam will celebrate Hari Raya Aidil Fitri on Monday as hilal (the new moon) which signifies the end of Ramadhan and start of month of Syawal, could not be sighted yesterday. The announcement, made shortly after Maghrib prayers yesterday by Dato Seri Setia Ustaz Hj Metussin Hj Baki of Syariah High Court over the radio and television last evening will mean that Muslims in the Sultanate will complete 30 days of fasting before ushering in the festive season.

Meanwhile, a moon sighting ceremony was held by members of the Ministry of Religious Affairs, the Survey Department and the Ministry of Development yesterday evening at the observatory point in Shahbandar, Jerudong.

The Syariah Subordinate Court Judge, Hj Hassan Hj Metali, and Kaharuddin Mohd Ali were on duty at the moonsighting ceremony.

The sighting ceremony of the new moon of Syawal which heralds Hari Raya Aidil Fitri 1430 was also conducted at three vantage sites around the Sultanate.

The spots chosen were Bukit Ambok and Bukit Agok in Tutong district and Bukit Lumut in Belait district.

Present were the Deputy Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Development, Hj Mohamad Zin Hj Salleh, Chief Justice of the Syariah Court and officials from the Survey Dept. (KAY1)The Brunei Times

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