Student council members must demonstrate leadership qualities


STUDENT leaders, given the serious responsibility of being the voice of their peers, must hone their leadership qualities in order to bring about positive changes, and serve as a role model, whom other students can emulate in order to become charismatic individuals..

Dr Hj Junaidi Hj Abdul Rahman, the acting vice-chancellor of Universiti Brunei Darussalam emphasised this at the launching of Students Representative Council Leadership Course for 2007/2008 session, yesterday.

"Among the positive traits of a charismatic person are honesty, responsibility, religious, knowledgeable, innovative and competitive and as students leaders, their role in helping their peers to attain these qualities can help realise the university's vision of becoming a quality university in the international level with its own national identity," he said.

Alongside these dynamic qualities, he added, student representative council should also be sufficiently well versed in various fields to be able to grasp the different skills and knowledge, which are useful in facing challenges to achieve a common goal.

"I have high hopes that this year's student representatives can, not only bring forward issues and problems of their fellow peers, but also be capable of articulating constructive alternative solutions of what needs to be done to handle these problems," he said.

He advised the representatives of the students council not to abuse their powers as leaders and to learn from the mistakes of previous council members.

The acting vice-chancellor pointed out that as student leaders, they are accountable for all their actions done and decisions made under the name of the university hence it is of paramount importance that they protect their reputation as a student council because their actions will affect the name of the university.

The aim of the leadership course is to provide the students with knowledge on their respective roles and responsibilities within the association, to expose them on the aspects of management and administration of the university and to prepare them spiritually, mentally and physically in facing the challenges and obstacles in order to make them community leaders in the future. The students are also given the opportunity to conduct part of their course in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

The Brunei Times
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