Online shopping mall portal debuts


ONLINE shopping mall portal has debuted here , giving locals access to one million English books and DVDs from the United States.

The Brunei shopping portal was formed under a joint venture between locally-owned S Ewa Enterprises and, an online shopping mall in Malaysia and Singapore.

Siti Ewa Dato Selamat of S Ewa Enterprises is head of Acmamall Brunei. "It changes the way we use the Internet," she said in a press statement.

"I am confident that will become a household brand name in Brunei."

Siti Ewa, who comes from a family of book readers said the lack of variety in local shops has forced avid readers in Brunei to go online for their reading and viewing materials.

"With now as our local books and DVD shop, I will be happily shopping with instead," she said.

Christopher Quek, chief executive officer of, said that the deal was a milestone for Bruneians.

"Bruneians can now be proud of having their own books and DVD online shopping mall," he said.

"Now, the shopping mall has instead come to Bruneians. Enjoy the convenience of purchasing books and DVDs in the comfort of your own home, 24 hours a day, seven days a week," said Quek.

He said Brunei is somewhat of an untapped market with good potential, despite the small market.

Under the joint venture, S Ewa Enterprises will handle the marketing and logistics, while will handle the remaining support functions.

Mohamad from Bandar Seri Begawan said consumers will stand to benefit on the debut of the shopping mall. "It's a great idea, which opens up shopping avenues in Brunei."

Firdaus, a graphic designer in Gadong, felt the venture would work, noting he used for his online purchases when he was in the UK.

Ak Sharin was disappointed to find that magazines were not readily available, but hoped they will be in the future. The online shopping portal can be accessed at

The Brunei Times
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