Tahlil, doa arwah for the dead


IN THE spirit of Ramadhan, 17 officers from the Da'wah section of the Religious Office, Temburong District, Ministry of Religious Affairs yesterday recited a tahlil and doa arwah for the deceased at the grounds of the Meriong Muslim cemetery in Kampung Labu Estate, Temburong.

Leading the officers in the activity was Hj Gapor Hj Mohmad, assistant religious propagation officer under the Da'wah section.

In a phone interview, Hjh Hayate, trainee religious teacher at the Da'wah section, said that the activities are part of the section's annual programmes and activities.

During the month of Ramadhan, section representatives will go around cemeteries and religious halls in the district.

She added that cleaning the cemeteries was one of the regular activities by the section in Ramadhan.

She also said the section will also conduct other religious activities during Ramadhan.

The section collaborated with the Islamic Da'wah Centre to carry out mass Tarawih and Witir prayers at the religious hall in Kampung Semabat.

On a personal note, she said the public can benefit in the month of Ramadhan by giving to charity, which she said does not necessarily mean giving money. "The most important thing in giving charity is one has to be sincere," she said.

The section will cover eight Muslim cemeteries and religious halls in Kampung Sibut, Selapon and Semabat.

These religious halls had received donations from the Islamic Da'wah Centre aimed at encouraging converts in the district to carry out religious activities during the fasting month of Ramadhan.

The donation was handed over recently at the Islamic Da'wah Centre, in Kampung Pulaie.

The donation was aimed at encouraging converts to appreciate Ramadhan and the special benefits or fadhilat in the fasting month.

The programme is also meant to ensure the smooth running of da'wah or propagation works of the centre.

Also, the programme aims to show non-Muslims that Islam is a religion that cares for the aqidah and religious beliefs of the new converts.

Hjh Hayate added that the next destination for the tahlil and doa arwah would be at the Kampung Batu Apoi cemetery on September 8. The Brunei Times

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