MTSSR sees intake increase


THE Sultan Saiful Rijal Technical College (MTSSR) yesterday welcomed 43 new students at its orientation and registration ceremony.

There has been an increase of applicants for the January and July session over the past years, said MTSSR Registrar Mardiah Hj Ismail.

"Almost 3,000 people applied at every opening but due to our quota, lack of teachers and facilities, we have to limit the intake number," she said.

The reason behind many students opting for the technical college is that they want to pursue more employment-oriented courses to become more marketable in the job market.

She added: "Don't be surprised that a large number of students are actually qualified to further their study in the sixth form, but they chose to study here due to its hands-on experience and employment opportunities."

Dk Shrane Pg Hj Chuchu, an in-service civil servant taking National Diploma in Construction, said she chose to further her studies mainly for her career progression.

"I don't want to be stuck for years and years in my current position and if I have to study again to get promoted then I'm willing to do it."

Another in-service employee from the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, Hj Ramli Hj Kurus, also shared similar sentiments.

Educated up to the Form 4 level, he said that studying again is the only option he has if he wishes to move up in the organisation.

"Even though one has years of experience, you still need the academic qualification if you want your career graph to move up."

"I hope the younger generation will study hard and explore more opportunities because we know from experience, once your youth is gone it's gone," he added.

Acting principal of the college, Hjh Noorzainab Hj Abdulladi, congratulated the 49th intake and advised them to work hard and abstain from problems, which might adversely affect their educational career and also dent the college's image.

Out of the 43 students, 16 are taking National Diploma in Construction, 15 in National Diploma in Science, while 12 are pursuing Pre-National Diploma in Aircraft Engineering.

For the two National Diploma programmes, they will spend two years studying at the college and the final six months will see the students undergoing industrial attachment.

Students of the National Diploma in Aircraft Engineering course will spend the first year at MTSSR, as they will undergo a six-month aircraft familiarisation course at the Royal Brunei Air Force Air Technical Training School during their second year.

The one-day orientation programme include the student oath recitation, academic briefings and a religious talk.

The MTSSR registrar told The Brunei Times that the subsequent July intake will offer more than 20 courses and are open for application starting February 18 till March 11. (DKR1)

The Brunei Times

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