Students eager over UBDfm


THE highly anticipated Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) radio network, UBDfm, is seen to be a positive step for the university as it would be beneficial in terms of marketability as well as in changing the public's perception of UBD student stereotypes.

While auditioning for the deejay slot for UBDfm, Norhayatunajibah Hj Kifli, 20, said that opening a radio station is something to look forward to.

"It is a positive change for UBD and to prove to the public that we are not just academic-oriented but that we can channel a broader crowd," she said.

She predicted that the effect of the radio network will help the students in being more updated with the news, have better interaction within the UBD community and change the mindset of the public that UBD only produces teachers.

"By listening to what happens in UBD, hopefully it would make students want to join more. We want to make UBD marketable in that way," she said.

Nooradlina Nadzirah Hj Azlan, 19, taking Bachelors Degree in Business Administration, said that it was important for UBD to have a radio station if it were to compete with the global world.

"Other universities all over the world have radio stations, so why can't we?" she said, adding that having a radio station would promote the students contribution to the university as well as show their creativity.

"This is a chance to show the public how UBD students really are and that it's not all about being serious," she said.

A chance to make UBD marketable, she said, such as attracting more local students to come to the local university instead of opting to go overseas, was also one of the reasons why it was important to set up the radio network.

UBDfm would also give the students a chance to interview other students about issues in the university as well as serve as a buffer for indirect feedback for lecturers, she added.

Through the radio station, the public would also be well-informed about local events and they would also be able to text the radio station for any serious issues they need to voice out.

"I was told that we were going to be working on a time slot which is convenient for us," she said.

"Juggling between working as a deejay and a student is just like having a job and maintaining a relationship. You just have to balance everything out with good time management," said 20-year-old Benedict Chan, who is taking a Bachelor's degree in Science Education at the university.

He further stated that he hopes UBD launches the radio network as the public image of UBD students not being able to converse well and are unfriendly needs to change.

"This is the public's opportunity to learn about us in depth," he said.

He also said that the university's first radio station would make a wonderful change and that it would be special because it comes from the university's own students. (SHR1)

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