Training for 'Qari' and 'Qariah'


BRUNEI'S representatives to the 51st International Level Tilawah Al-Quran have completed their intensive training course yesterday and will be leaving for Malaysia, the venue for the competition, on August 4. The Qari (male reader) Md Fahmie Hj Metussin, who will be representing Brunei at the competition for the second time said that he has learned a lot from the course on some aspects of his performance and has also improved on some of his weaknesses. "As this will be my second time, the pressure is not as intense as it was in 2006," he said.

Asked whether he was prepared for the international competition, he replied that he has always been prepared as reciting the Quran has been his daily practice. "We, as Qari and Qariah do not get ready (to read the Quran) only for the competition, reading the Quran should be our routine activities, so we are always ready," he said.

He pointed out that his aim for competing was for glory as the competition was not like sports, where contestants strive for medals.

"The most important thing is to be able to deliver what I have learned in the past," said the 25-year old.

Meanwhile Brunei's Qariah (female reader) to the competition, Hjh Nurul Akmaliina said that she would strive to deliver her best and do her country proud.

"Even though it's my first time, I am mentally and physically prepared," she said, sharing that she was expecting a stiff competition from the host country, Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand.

The 26-year-old who is currently studying at Islamic University of Malaysia undertaking a Masters Degree in Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Heritage (Fiqh & Usul Fiqh), said that the course has prepared her well and admitted that it has improved her performance.

During the intensive course, they underwent training in various techniques of reciting the Quran, including physical training such as control of breathing.

The participants will be accompanied by Hj Abd Rajid Hj Md Salleh, who is also an invited judge at the competition. The Brunei Times

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