How to choose a sexy watch for men?

How to choose a sexy watch for men?

Most men think their watches are just for keeping track of time. That’s true. But today I want to share with you another perception – pay attention to your watch style because it is important for ladies. You may not believe this. And I usually pretend not to look at a man’s wristwatch when I meet him. But I can’t help it.

Did you know that wristwatches are sexy? Or they can be if you want. When I meet a man with a nice wristwatch, I imagine him taking it off slowly before going to bed. When he wears some stupid kid’s watch, things start to turn sour.

It’s important to see your timepieces as an extension of your sexual attraction. You don’t have to worry because it’s not about the price of the well-known brand. It doesn’t matter how much you spend on your watch. The important thing is that it suits you. Wristwatches are the only jewellery I would like to see on men.

There is a huge choice of styles on the market. But I think men will look most competent with a large band, large dial wristwatches, which are the real man’s choices. They will make your wrist look strong.

Sports wristwatch (silver is preferred)

Yes. It’s the timepiece I’d like to see on your wrist. You don’t have to worry about the brand name. Any brand is good if it looks elegant and classic on your wrist. You don’t have to spend a small fortune. The main thing is the style.

digital watch

This watch reminds me of boys in 6th grade. I will think of you the same way if I find a digital watch with you.

Calculator watch (also digital watch)

Do the people who have it also use it to calculate? The truth is that all serious mathematicians usually have expensive and beautiful calculators. You will miscalculate with watches that have incredibly small buttons.

Designer or jewellery

If you’re wearing a jewellery watch, I’ll think you’re a woman at heart. I have a friend who has jewellery and I always ask him not to wear them when he goes out with me. If you’re going to meet me, I hope you don’t look like Thurston Howell’s prodigal son.

Dress watch (usually with leather straps)

Many men like to wear these watches. But honestly, I don’t like them. These look girlie and thin to me. Moreover, in my head leather is not strong enough.

Other factors to consider:

Shape – I prefer round. The Square always looks a bit odd.

Finish – I think matte is best because it’s easiest to keep clean. People always leave greasy fingerprints on shiny surfaces, which are very dirty.

Gold – Don’t pick gold unless you are going to some special occasions. Because this will make other people think you want to show off.

Model watch – This design makes it impossible to tell the time. It’s pointless. Buy a real timepiece!

White Dial – This goes well with a sports watch. But you have to remember that this does not suit a leather strap. The sharp contrast usually makes the watch look cheap.

Black Watch Dial – I love this for a sports watch. I think it looks sexy.

Dive Watches – Never buy dive watches unless you know how to use them. I have asked many men to tell me how diving watches worked. But many of them told me they had no idea and just loved the look of their watches.

Of course, these rules are not always correct. Some gold watches are elegant and some leather watches are a perfect match for the right wearer. However, if you want to be safe, I recommend you stick to these rules.