Ferry travellers to Labuan advised to pre-book tickets



The Ports Department wishes to thank VVP, the writer of "Ferry ticket sales: Serasa can learn a lot from Labuan" published in The Brunei Times' Letters to The Editor column (May 3, 2010).

The Ports Department wishes to clarify on the difference of terminal operations between the Serasa Ferry Terminal and the Labuan Ferry Terminal.

In Labuan, the ticket sales are carried out by employees of the ferry terminal itself, therefore the process is streamlined from counter provision to computerisation system.

Whereas in Brunei, ticket sales are conducted by two local operators and two Malaysian operators and while they have counters at the Serasa Passenger Ferry Terminal, the local operators have their office spaces in Bandar Seri Begawan.

For the Brunei Operators, the Seri Mutiara Express and the Interhill Industries Sdn Bhd, ticket sales are at travel agents every day except on Sunday. Unsold tickets from the day before (Monday to Saturday) will be made available at the Serasa Passenger Ferry Terminal from 7am until the ferry departs at 9am.

For the Malaysian operators, the Halim Tours and Travel Sdn Bhd and the Taiwah Travel Sdn Bhd, tickets are sold at the Serasa Passenger Ferry Terminal' counters from 9am until 4.45pm until the tickets are all sold out.

The Ports Department wishes to advise all passengers to Labuan to pre-book their tickets earlier by contacting their respective operators and not to buy tickets at the last minute at the counter as those are extra unsold tickets from the previous day.

With this, the Ports Department invites both the travellers and the general public to please surf our website http://www.ports.gov.bn for more information.

Marsalinawati Hj Omarali

Marketing Officer

Ports Department

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