Tree planting is a meaningful thing to protect Earth

A young environmentalist assists Wu Chun (R) in planting a tree during the tree planting session by Fitness Zone recently. Picture: BT file

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Dear Editor,

COMING from one of the busiest cities in Asia Hong Kong I had really enjoyed myself during my one-week visit in Brunei where I found rest, tranquillity, peacefulness, friendliness and greenness all in one go.

In particular, March 11, 2012 will be remembered as the most meaningful day during my trip here as I had the opportunity to help save the environment by planting trees at Beach Barakas together with the team and members of Fitness Zone Health Club. Coincidentally and upon my friends' invitation, I thought it was not a bad idea to do something healthy and meaningful on a Sunday morning with also the chance to see the Brunei-born Asian movie star, Wu Chun who is also the owner of Fitness Zone, at the activity. However, never had I expected that I would have left with so much more than I set out to find, including new friendships, appreciation of the amazing nature and the awareness of the need to protect our environment.

As I got to see and feel for myself the awe of the nature, and the beautiful sea, beach and forest on that day at Beach Barakas, my heart was moved. Maybe it's time to act and make a difference. Each and every one of us has an obligation to do whatever we can to help save and heal our environment. It's the same air we all breathe, in all continents.

I personally feel that tree planting is a very meaningful event and I do urge every local Bruneian to participate in it if you have a chance. On our way down to the beach, we saw only barren rocks and very few trees, but at least I knew that there was hope as we dusted off the sands and debris on our hands, and magically planted the roots of the trees down the soil.

Thank you Fitness Zone and all the staff, for your shining smile, your kindness and thoughtfulness, and most importantly, for giving me the opportunity to learn and come to peace with our nature. I may not be able to see you again next time this year but I am sure your participants will grow.

If Fitness Zone is organising another tree planting activity next year, I do encourage you all to participate. Maybe like me, you will be surprised to know that you actually won't mind waking up early as you know that the earth has become better because of this small act of kindness that you show. Jojo Fan, Hong Kong

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