Dump truck gets stuck in the pavement


A DUMP truck full of sand and mud and was out to do gravel and sand backfilling got trapped on the roadside yesterday after the pavement caved-in when the truck drove onto it.

The accident happened in the late morning along Jalan Maulana near to Pandan 7, opposite the Malay Cemetery in Kuala Belait.

The truck was conducting a gravel and sand backfilling exercise for the Brunei Shell Petroleum earthwork activity. According to the driver, he was trying to reverse his truck to unload the sand and mud into an area which was filled with water after heavy rain, but the pavement under the truck's left rear wheels gave way, trapping the vehicle on the spot.

As the truck was on the pavement, it did not obstruct traffic flow up till the point when help arrived.

Assistance came at around 1.15pm in the form of an earth scraper that helped remove the sand from the truck before lifting the truck up to set it free.

The process briefly affected traffic flow for about 15 minutes, after which all went back to normal.The Brunei Times

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