'A', 'O' level results show slight increase

A student checking 'O' level results 2010 at Sekolah Menengah Sultan Muhammad Jamalul Alam (SMJA), Bandar Seri Begawan, yesterday. Picture: BT/ Saifulizam

THE Ministry of Education (MoE) released the Brunei Cambridge GCE 'A', 'AS' and 'O' level examination results for 2010 yesterday, showing an improvement in results from the previous year.

Out of the 2,951 candidates who took the 'A' level examinations, 2,402 received at least one 'A' level, marking a 1.28 per cent increase from results for 2009.

Some 63.57 per cent of the candidates had secured two 'A' levels while 77 candidates or 2.61 per cent received four 'A' levels.

Broken down, the statement released from MoE said the extra 13 candidates that received four 'A' levels this year came from four schools. Five of the candidates were from Duli Pengiran Muda Al-Muhtadee Billah College, another five from Sayyidina Ali Secondary School, two from Paduka Seri Begawan Sultan Science College and a candidate from Katok Sixth Form Centre.

The statement added that some seven subjects had shown an improvement in results from somewhere between 0.71 per cent and 33.33 per cent when compared to 2009.

The areas of improvement covered English Language and Literature, Sociology, Biology, Geography, Economics, Accounting and Tafsir Al-Quran.

For the 'AS' a level examination, a 2.18 per cent increase for obtaining at least one 'AS' level was noted. A total of 1,507 candidates sat for the 'AS' level exams while only 1,226 had obtained one grade.

Some 826 of the total number of candidates had secured at least two standard 'AS' levels; also marking a 2.18 per cent increase.

Also showing an increase by 0.92 per cent, 95 candidates achieved an A grade in at least two subjects.

The results for the 'O' level examinations showed an increase of 90 candidates achieving some eight to 11 'O' levels. In total 4,078 candidates out of the 7,781 who sat the examination, scored at least three 'O' levels.

Some 276 candidates, of which 165 were from state schools, had obtained an A grade in five to 10 of their subjects, marking only a small increase of 0.16 per cent.

Two schools, Tahfiz Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Secondary School and PJN Pg Haji Abu Bakar School, managed to maintain a 100 per cent achievement record for students obtaining three 'O' levels.

Calculated by the yearly progress of candidates who obtain three 'O' levels, St Johns School is ranked at top with 97.14 per cent, then Chung Ching Middle School with 96.36 per cent. Then Chung Hwa Middle School BSB, Maktab Sains and St Angela's School with 94.29 per cent, 93.35 per cent and 93.30 per cent, respectively.

The state-run schools have recorded a 1.80 per cent improvement while private schools show an increase between 0.21 per cent and 23.17 per cent.

Another outstanding achievement is shown in the number of candidates who obtained an A* grade. Five candidates had secured an A* in eight subjects, eight candidates achieved the grade in seven subjects while 24 candidates obtained the top grade in six subjects. The figures compiled by the ministry had also plotted the progress of the candidates who obtained an 'O' level between A and C, which had shown an increase between 2.52 per cent and 58.01 per cent. The subjects that recorded progress were Tafsir Al-Quran, Arabic, English Language and Literature, Agriculture, History, Chinese, Art, Design and Technology, Food and Nutrition, Commerce and Business Studies.

Results show that Arabic had tallied the 58.01 per cent and English language had increased by 6.09 per cent.

For the IGCSE examination results, 1,766 candidates sat for English as second language examination and 1,181 students received a grade. Some 57 candidates sat for the Mathematics examination for which all received grades.The Brunei Times

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