Melayu Islam Beraja concept 'Influences Brunei's way of life'


THE meaning of independence to Brunei is not completely about mastering its political sovereignty, in fact it also calls for the country to preserve its core national heritage, said Pehin Jawatan Luar Pekerma Raja Dato Seri Utama Dr Ustaz Hj Md Zain Hj Serudin yesterday.

Delivering his primary working paper at the Melayu Islam Beraja (MIB) seminar at the International Convention Centre, the former Minister of Religious Affairs said "Brunei is a Malay nation shaped by Islamic elements and influences, and administered according to the monarchy system by Muslim Malay Sultans".

Pehin Dato Dr Ustaz Hj Md Zain summarised the MIB, a national concept which has one of the highest noble values, into four aspects.

"MIB is a source of ethics and culture. It shapes a successful, polite and loyal nation," he said.

MIB is the spirit which is central to every style and elements of life.

It shows that Brunei is a Malay nation, adhering to the aqidah (beliefs) of Islam, with the King (Sultan) as the highest authority.

The three components of MIB contain the ideas that influence Brunei's way of life. The fundamentals of MIB as a national concept is that it must be seen, understood, feel and appreciated by the community.

"Efforts to 'culturalise' MIB would benefit Brunei as a whole. There is only a need to think, prioritise and design the right approach to ensure the efforts are effective," he said.

"MIB should be disseminated and we should continue to do so in our efforts to strengthen our independence in this challenging time", he stressed.

Bruneians are to address the national aspirations in the Proclamation of Independence and he mentioned three aspects.

The first called for the preservation of Brunei as a Malay Islamic country, an independent, sovereign and democratic country hinging on the Ahli Sunnah Wal Jamaah Islamic teachings.

Second, with the guidance of Allah (SWT), Brunei will also continue to work towards harmony, safety and welfare of the people.

Thirdly, maintaining friendly relations among the international community based on respect for independence, sovereignty, equality and territorial integrity of all countries free from foreign interference.

Pehin Dato Dr Ustaz Hj Md Zain said there was a need to examine certain aspects in Brunei's rise to nationalism. " How far does Brunei nationalism play a role in stimulating the national ambition to ensure that the national core and heritage is preserved?" he asked.

The seminar was organised by the MIB Supreme Council and managed by the Youth and Sports Department, Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports. The Brunei Times
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