Youths learn 9 ways to build spirit of patriotism


TO INSTIL the spirit of patriotism in the minds and hearts of youths in Brunei Darussalam, they must first learn to love the nine elements of 'Ku' or 'My' in English.

These elements are "Myself, My parents, My family, My religion, My future, My home, My village, My district and My country", said Acting Head of the Counselling and Career at the Department of Schools under the Ministry of Education.

Ali Yusri Abd Ghafor was speaking to 170 youth trainees during a motivational camp that was held at the Bina Diri Hall of the Youth Development Centre yesterday.

The talk titled 'Towards Youth's Patriotisme' was in line with the theme of the Sultanate's 27th National Day 'NegaraKu Brunei Darussalam' which translates to 'My Country Brunei Darussalam'.

Ali Yusri emphasised the importance of each of the nine elements while interacting with the camp participants through jokes as well as personal anecdotes from his own experience as a motivational speaker.

The first element talked about how loving oneself was the key to loving the nation.

"I have always believed that everything starts from ourselves, we must have the integrity to look after ourselves because if we believe that we are good then definitely we can take care of our own health," he said.

He added when youths know how to differentiate the good from the bad and this also shows that they know how to manage their lives.

"Example, when you smoke, or worse, when you abuse yourself by taking drugs, how can you become a role model to other youths and to the nation?"

Ali Yusri said that if the youth commits a crime it does not reflect the image of that youth as a person who can take care of himself, let alone become a future leader of the country.

Coming to the next two elements 'My parents' and 'My family' the former constitutes respect for the elderly, such as asking permission to go out or letting parents know of their whereabouts, but mostly it is about understanding and appreciating the significance of the sacrifices that their parents have made for them.

The latter on the other hand focused on the relationship between siblings; how they must learn to compromise and tolerate each other's attitudes so it can be reflected positively outside of the family.

'My religion' highlights the concept of following MIB (Malay Islamic Monarchy) where youths adopt the tradition and culture of Brunei Malay and the religion of Islam as a way of life.

Ali Yusri talks about the element of 'My future' where youths are encouraged to think about what they want to become and what they can contribute to the nation in the next 10 years.

Meanwhile, 'My home' and 'My village' teaches youths to maintain the cleanliness of the compound of the house and its surroundings, as well as actively participating in any activities held by the village.

On the element of 'My district' Ali Yusri stated that each district has its own unique traditions with its own culture and language where youths can proudly portray as part of their identity so people can recognise where they are from.

"Finally, the element 'My country' is where youths play an important role in taking up the responsibility of being the future leaders of the country," he said.

"These youths are to be groomed in their respective fields and their training will serve beneficial purposes, not only to themselves but also to the community and country," he added.

The Brunei Times
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