Youths are backbone of the nation's integrity


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A TOTAL of 40 youths were better equipped with mental and spiritual strength after going through the Perkampungan Anjakan Minda Belia Islam (Community Mind Shift for Islamic Youths) in countering the challenges of globalisation on Thursday.

During the closing ceremony of the three day programme, the guest of honour Deputy Rector Pg Anak Dr Hj Amiruddin Alam Shah Pg Anak Hj Ismail presented a speech highlighting the positive attributes of the youth of today and how it was neccessary to properly guide them on the right spiritual and mental path.

"As we all know, youth are the most energetic in terms of thought, enthusiasm and in physical strength. From there, these youths can also be prime targets for other influences in terms of religion, ideology, and cultural values," he said. "They should have strength in mind and spirit in order to become the main bastion to counter all forms of negative agendas and misleading influences."

He added that youths are not only the leaders of the future but also of today, acting as the actual backbone of integrity and strenth of a nation. This demonstrates a shared responsibility between the government and youth leaders in establishing an effective network of cooperation with a constructive and developing agenda for the youth of the Sultanate.

The deputy rector said that such relations would be able to change the thought patterns of a community life thus creating a more open-minded society that is also intellectual and responsive, indirectly developing civilisation values through excellence, glory and distinction.

"Hopefully the results of this programme will be used appropriately and (that they will) make changes amongst themselves to be youth as led by Islam," he said. "I hope that future plans in organising programmes such as these will proceed in maintaining the excellent minds of the youth of Brunei Darussalam."

Majority of the 40 youth participants consisted of students from the Hassanal Bolkiah Arabic Secondary School for Boys, Muda Hashim Secondary School, and Universiti Brunei Darussalam who are qualified between "O" Levels to a university level.

During Universiti Islam Sultan Sharif Ali and Youth Centre collaborative programme, they took part in motivational talks, 'mapping' races, as well as community service, particularly for Kg Pudak where they conducted a cleaning campaign at their mosque and the cemetery grounds as well.

They were awarded certificates of participation during the closing ceremony where guest of honour, Pg Anak Dr Hj Amiruddin Alam Shah was invited to hand over the documents to the 20 male and 20 female participants.

Also present during the ceremony was Acting Director of the Youth and Sports Department Hj Abdul Malik Hj Mohammad, Acting Registrar for Unissa as well as other senior officers and staff.

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