Tanjong Maya markets virgin coco oil


THE Mukim Tanjong Maya Consultative Council has trained 42 residents on manufacturing virgin coconut oil products that will be marketed as part of its "One Village, One Product" programme.

The training course was designed to educate local residents and members of the cooperative on the technical aspect of virgin coconut oil extraction as one of the sub-district's local products.

For the first time, the course also saw the production of Mukim Tanjong Maya's beauty products.

A total of 42 Mukim Tanjong Maya residents received certificates yesterday for participating in the three-day technical course.

Residents of the mukim said the course was beneficial and represented their commitment in developing their village products.

"It was my first time joining such course and I think it was very beneficial for all villagers from the mukim. It also projects our commitment in developing our One village, One Product initiative," said Harney Hj Omar, a participant.

The 54-year-old private sector employee explained that the course provided villagers the opportunity to learn the "know-how" technique of virgin coconut oil product manufacturing.

He added that it also presented villagers with the chance to earn additional income.

Furthermore, he was impressed to see the first production of soap from virgin coconut oil and wished to see such products developed by the Mukim Tanjong Maya residents.

Mohamed Abdul Nahqim, a financial maths student at UK's University of Kent, echoed the sentiment, saying the course provided participants with invaluable knowledge on virgin coconut oil product manufacturing.

The 21-year-old, who is on a summer break, said he participated in the course to fill his vacant time.

"I think the course was really good and it gave the villagers good knowledge on how to produce the local product. It was also interesting to discover the many kinds of products virgin coconut oil can generate," he said.

Hj Osman Hj Yassin, who spoke on behalf of the participants, lauded the course and said the participants had gained in-depth technical knowledge on how to manufacture virgin coconut oil products.

He said the course represented the mukim's commitment to help develop the "One Village, One Product" initiative and provided the community with an opportunity to earn side income.

Acting Tutong District Officer Hj Muhammad Suffian Hj Bungsu expressed his optimism that the entrepreneurial activity would help eradicate poverty and also offer job opportunities to youths and unemployed individuals.

A vital commodity in some pharmaceutical products, the virgin coconut oil project is the first that has been introduced and manufactured locally.

Since the project began in 2009, the village consultative council also established strong ties with partners in Malaysia who shared their experiences on the extraction process and development of machineries.

The Brunei Times
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