Sale of Golden Churn banned


BRUNEI has banned the sale of Golden Churn Pure Creamery Butter in the country after the Brunei Islamic Religious Council (Muib) ruled that the product has been deemed syubhah (of doubtful halal nature) and must be avoided by Muslims in the Sultanate.

Minister of Religious Affairs Pg Dato Seri Setia Dr Hj Mohammad Pg Hj Abd Rahman announced yesterday that the ruling was made following a meeting held by the council on Monday, October 3.

"Based on the fatwa Mufti Kerajaan Siri Fatwa Bil: (30/2011) dated 25 Syawal 1432 corresponding to 24 September 2011, and based on new information and current development of the issue regarding the butter product Golden Churn Pure Creamery Butter, manufactured by Ballantyne Food Pty Ltd, New Zealand, therefore the Brunei Islamic Religious Council has agreed to determine that the product is in the position of syubhah according to Syara' (Islamic laws)," the minister said, reading a statement.

He added that any matter deemed syubhah must be avoided in order to protect the sanctity of the religion and self-respect.

"Therefore, the Muslim community in Brunei has been advised to abandon and avoid this syubhah matter."

The minister said the council had also advised the relevant authorities to recall the said product from the local market and its import into Brunei would no longer be allowed until it obtains the Brunei Halal Certificate and Permit.

Golden Churn Pure Creamery Butter is a popular butter product in Brunei and has always been a butter of choice for baking among consumers here.

The butter product has in recent months come under scrutiny by the governments of Brunei and Malaysia after various halal test results showed conflicting findings.

Some batches had tested positive for the pig DNA while others were found negative.

The Brunei Times

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