Find opportunities to improve, art teachers told


ART is capable of cultivating skills that other subjects cannot, so art teachers must not feel isolated and marginalised from teachers teaching other subjects, said Deputy Permanent Secretary (Core Education), Ministry of Education yesterday.

Hj Suhaila Hj Abd Karim said this during the arts competition and exhibition for primary school pupils and teachers in the district yesterday.

"Art teachers must find the venues and opportunities to improve themselves. This applies to all teachers. Especially now, when technology plays a part in improving the quality of arts," he said.

The deputy permanent secretary said every teacher plays an important role. That is why teachers must not be complacent. "We do not want to see (arts) teachers who felt that they are secluded from others as I believe and hold on to the philosophy that education is the responsibility of all teachers," said Hj Suhaila.

The deputy permanent secretary also launched the Tutong Primary Schools Art Teachers Committee's blog

The blog aimed to expose their activities to the public, especially schools in the country. It will act as a sharing venue for materials and information for 30 primary schools in Tutong.

More than 300 artworks in the form of paintings, collage, print, model, mobile, arch, weave, handicraft and design & technology were received and displayed at the exhibition that was held simultaneously yesterday.

These works were submitted by Tutong's 30 primary school pupils for the competition.

The competition also provide opportunities for teachers (both arts and non-arts subject) to participate. The top 10 artworks by pupils and top five by teachers in each category received prizes.

The competition's theme "Innovative teachers generate student's creativity", referred to the capability of creative teachers, capable of producing diverse and innovative arts in shaping creative and skilled students.

Among the objectives of the competition was to expose arts as one learning field that can improve pupil's creativity. It also aimed to create awareness on the teaching and learning of arts and design in the 21st Century National Education System (SPN21), said the committee's chairperson, who is also the chairperson of the competition.

For the pupils, arts is one of the ways for them to express themselves. They said that the passion and interests for arts came from their own self.

Although Abdul Hakim Murni's artworks was not listed in the top ten, he proudly explained the artworks on displayed to the guests and visitors.

The 11-year-old pupil from Kg Danau Primary School has a collage as his artwork depicting underwater life.

Abdul Hakim shared that making the collage "was not difficult to do". It was fun and exhausting at the same time, he said. The collage took two days to be completed while his 'sponge' painting, which was also on display took only a day.

He said he looked for inspiration everywhere and anywhere. But he was especially inspired by his brother who was also passionate in arts.

Fun and satisfying was what 12-year-old Abdul Mujib Mahari said when asked why he was so passionate about the arts.

The Year Six student from Kg Danau Primary School said he loves to work on collages as "it is beautiful".

"It is satisfying to see what I can do and see how my work turns out," he added.

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