MoH recalls 'Curvy' slimming juice

'Curvy Pearl Beauty Slimming Orange Juice' found to contain 'Sibutramine', an ingredient associated with cardiovascular problems and strokes. Picture: Courtesy of MoH

THE Ministry of Health (MoH) yesterday issued a recall on a weight loss product after the ingredient Sibutramine, was found in the product called "Curvy Pearl Beauty Slimming Orange Juice".

In a press statement, the Sibutramine, known for increasing the risk of cardiovascular events and strokes, was discovered through a laboratory testing. The long-term usage can cause high blood pressure, strong heartbeats and insomnia.

The MoH urged for the immediate discontinued use and purchase of the product advising those in possession of the aforementioned product to hand it over to the Food Quality and Safety Control Section, Department of Health Services.

They have also noted that some members of the public have stepped forward to complain about the side effects during prolonged usage of the product.

Food quality and safety inspections at various department stores and other premises have revealed instances of the product's sale without the approval of the MoH. As a precautionary measure, the ministry will continue to run inspections on premises such as grocery stores to further ensure that the product will no longer be on the shelves, stated the press release.

The Public Health (Food Act), (Chapter 182) states that any imported food items that are to be introduced into the local market must be registered and approved by the Food Quality and Safety Control Section, Department of Health Services.

The Act also stipulates that anyone preparing, selling or importing food items that can harm health could face a sentence of five years in prison or fine or both imprisonment and fine.

Because of its association to heart, renal failure and gastroinstestinal problems, Sibutramine has been withdrawn from the market in countries and regions including Australia, Canada, China, the European Union (EU), Hong Kong, India, Mexico, Thailand, United Kingdom (UK) and the United States (US).

For further information, the public can contact the Food Quality and Safety Control Section, Department of Health Services at 2331100 - 6 / 08 / 09 /10 or email to - Leo Kasim

The Brunei Times

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