BICTA: Launch pad for budding ICT players

(L-R) Hj Yahkup Hj Menudin, Chairperson of BICTA working committee, Queh Ser Pheng, Deputy Chief Executive of AITI, and Pg Sarimah Pg Hj Abd Latiff, Infocom Federation Brunei during a press conference at the recent launching of BICTA 2012. Picture: BT/Fung Siew Mun

THE Brunei ICT Award (BICTA) 2012 is more than a competition, it is seen as a launching platform to catapult aspiring ICT entrepreneurs and innovators into the global arena alongside international ICT players.

Speaking during a press conference at the recent launch of the BICTA 2012 Competition, the awards' working committee has spearhead for BICTA as not just a competition on ICT innovation, but as an opportunity, platform and showcase for participants to make their mark in the borderless world of ICT.

Hj Yahkup Hj Menudin, Chairperson for BICTA working committee, said that BICTA participants could take advantage of the competition to profile their products and designs in the Asia Pacific ICT Alliance (APICTA) level where angel investors and venture capitalists are on the lookout for innovative ICT solutions.

"From a different structure, BICTA should be seen as a launching platform. If you have solutions to a problem, and you are able to demonstrate that in BICTA as a winner, the next test (for winners) is APICTA," said the chairperson.

He added: "There are a lot of angel investors and venture capitalists. You can also do business matching from there. That will help you to globalise and internationalise your products."

In the press conference, Pg Sarimah Pg Hj Abd Latiff, from Infocom Federation Brunei, encouraged BICTA participants to take the competition as a platform for their products to go up further because the judges may be venture capitalists at the same time.

In addition to putting Brunei's name on the ICT map, winners will benefit from grants that can help to sustain and develop their products and designs to reality.

According to Dr Yong Chee Tuan, head judge for BICTA, a participant's submission for the competition has the opportunity to be redeveloped into another product where mass-customisation can be designed to sell the product to a wider market.

The head judge added that ICT is increasingly seen as changing lifestyle and economy as well as more competitive.

"The ICT industry itself is very vulnerable, very competitive. It requires intervention and support (from the government)," Dr Yong said.

ICT is an industry sought after by organisations, Dr Yong noted. He said that the upcoming APICTA 2012 to be hosted by Brunei later this year will demonstrate Brunei's status, capabilities and excellence in hosting the event: "This is an opportunity to put Brunei in the dot in the world of ICT players."

On the BICTA participants, Pg Sarimah called for "schools out there, parents out there, project supervisors out there, principals out there ... (to) give all the support, not just in terms of moral support but also to seek out help from the industry and authorities to further develop.

"ICT is more than an enabler. Do not just look into Brunei. Everybody would like to be a hero in the kampung, but be a hero outside of Brunei such as the likes of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. That should be the aim," said Pg Sarimah.

She further asked for the BICTA participants "to be committed, never give up and (to) think outside the box".

Using ICT as a solution to everyday problems, Pg Sarimah cited Chung Hwa School, the merit award holder of the Secondary Student Category in last year's APICTA Award, as an example of how innovation can be as simple in Chung Hwa School winning stock inventory product.

"So there is hope and so much potential in Brunei. So come up here (BICTA 2012) to be tapped."The Brunei Times

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