Learning Adat Istiadat must begin at home


THE teachings of Brunei Adat Istiadat (custom) should originate from homes as the proper calling of family members' titles could be the first step in instilling such knowledge among the younger generation.

Yang Amat Mulia Pg Seri Wijaya Pg Hj Ahmad Pg Mohd Yusof, Senior Assistant to Chief of State Adat Istiadat stressed in his working paper titled 'Adat Istiadat Brunei' during a Workshop on Adat Istiadat for mosque officials and commitees yesterday.

He said the appropriate manner of teaching the Adat Istiadat should be within homes, where parents and guardians are expected to teach their children of the Melayu Islam Beraja (MIB) philosophy.

"Every race in the world has their own customs. These customs differ from one another because they have been created according to different experiences and views of a race than other nations," YAM said.

He added that such teachings include proper usage of the Malay language, respectful mannerism, the acknowledgement of individuals with special titles and also His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam.

During yesterday's workshop, the senior assistant to chief urged the imams, bilals and the equivalent to teach their acquired knowledge in filling the void of uninformed youths who may have never been taught of Adat Istiadat.

He said they could do so by introducing it through mosque activities that a number of mosques and surau have been carrying out, or on Fridays where it can filled with not only religious teachings but also Brunei Adat Istiadat.

Among the objectives of the workshop was to equip religious leaders with sufficient knowledge to adequately communicate with individuals with special titles, notably during events that require proper customs or Adat Istiadat or when visited by certain individuals (who needed to be addressed or treated in certain manners) at their respective mosques.

Some 50 imams and bilals attended the two-day workshop yesterday which was the first out of three sessions to be held over the next few days. The first session was for imams and bilals from Brunei-Muara Zone III and Temburong District which will be held for two days at the State Adat Istiadat Department.

The workshop is facilitated by YAM Pg Seri Wijaya Pg Hj Ahmad Pg Mohd Yusof, Assistant to Chief of State Adat Istiadat Pg Dr Hidop Pg Hj Samsuddin and Protocol officer Razali Hj Badar.

Also delivering a working paper yesterday was Pg Dr Hidop who spoke about 'Honorifics Court Language and it's Importance' Today participants will be presented with another two working papers; 'Discipline for Istiadat Occasions' by YAM Pg Seri Wijaya Pg Hj Ahmad and 'Rank Order' by Protocol Officer Razali Hj Badar. The Brunei Times
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