Amil's vital role in successful collection of zakat fitrah


ZAKAT fitrah collection is increasing every year due to the consolidated cooperation, determination and perseverance of the amils (zakat collector) which contributed to the success collection of the zakat fitrah, said Minister of Religious Affairs yesterday.

Speaking at the presentation of certificate of appointment to 287 amils throughout the country, Yang Berhormat Pg Dato Seri Setia Dr Hj Mohammad Pg Hj Abd Rahman said an amil's duties and responsibilities were heavy in view of the fact that it mostly related to financial matters,especially in terms of collection of zakat fitrah and zakat harta (property).

This, the minister added, calls for noble attributes such as honesty, trustworthy, efficient and conscientious on the part of the amils for it to be done perfectly.

YB Pg Dato Dr Hj Mohammad reminded and advised the newly-appointed amils to be careful and vigilant when receiving, collecting and in keeping the zakat fitrah safe until the time for the money collected to be handed over to the Zakat Collection and Distribution Division of the Islamic Religious Council Department.

"If the handing over of the zakat collected was delayed, it was feared that undesirable circumstances such as the loss of money, damage to the documents such as receipts, check list and others, could happened," he said, adding that if this occured, than the syakhsiah (characters), credibility and performance of the amils will be questioned, and making it hard for the authorities to put their beliefs in appointing the concerned amil in the future.

"A more concerning factor is that if funds being submitted is less than the actual collection or that the money was lost ," he said.

The amils were also asked to help the Islamic Religious Council in raising awareness and better understanding among the Muslims in the areas designated to them on their obligation of paying the zakat.

The Brunei Times

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