Bru-HIMS records over 50 per cent registrations


TO DATE, 51.02 per cent of total population of Brunei Darussalam had registered with the Brunei Darussalam Healthcare Information and Management System (Bru-HIMS).

A statistic obtained from Ministry of Health stated 200,688 out of 393,372 of total population in the country had registered with Bru-HIMS after it was launched last year. 

The breakdown according to districts showed that Tutong District recorded the highest number of registration with 99.10 per cent or 43,852 people out of 43,457 total residents had registered for the system.

This was followed by Kuala Belait District where 80.59 per cent or 48,955 out of 60,744 residents had their medical records registered with Bru-HIMS.

Meanwhile, in Temburong, 4,030 people or 45.53 per cent of 8,852 residents in the district had registered while Brunei-Muara District recorded the lowest percentage with only 37.24 per cent or 104, 246 out of total 279,924 had registered with Bru-HIMS.

The Ministry is urging citizens and residents to register themselves with Bru-HIMS immediately to enable a smooth transition of medical records.

Registration only needs to be done once.

They are required to do so if they are seeking medical attention in any government hospital or health centres in the country.

According to the ministry, the public just needs to fill in the forms and submit it along with a copy of their identity cards to any registration counters at the nearest hospitals or health centres.

The forms can also be downloaded from the ministry&;s website at .

Meanwhile, those with Android smartphones can download the Bru-HIMS application through Play Store App and those with Apple can download it from the Apple Store.

Once the registration is completed, members of public can retrieve their BN number, a reference number used by Bru-HIMS to identify patient&;s records, at any registration counter in the nearest government hospital.

Once the BN number is obtained, public need to verify the number through Bru-HIMS App.

To do this, members of public can use the "Retrieve BN" function in Bru-HIMS application on smartphone.

Alternatively, public can contact 2380031 during office hours or 8222991 after office hours or via email at to find out the progress of their registration. 

Bru-HIMS allows patients medical information to be stored in a more systematic manner and will improve the quality of services provided by doctors, specialists and nurses.

The system aims to enable doctors, nurses and other allied health professionals to pull together a patient&;s information and medical history under one file, one patient, one record.

Once the integration of Bru-HIMS is completed, it is hoped to save the patient&;s time when visiting hospitals or health centres, make it easier for patients when dealing with hospitals or health centres and obtaining patient&;s medical history and test results will be made easier and quicker. 

The Brunei Times

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