4G LTE is here

Friday, November 15, 2013

BRUNEI is finally getting the first taste of faster mobile broadband speeds as DST is officially launching its 4G LTE service today.

The local telco announced that its subscribers will be able to enjoy higher speeds for their DST GO! Broadband service on top of their existing services as the firm introduces today various 4G LTE packages which include post-paid contract, non-contract and prepaid plans.

DST in a press statement issued yesterday said that 4G LTE or simply “4G” or “LTE”, short for Long Term Evolution, is referred to as the fourth generation of wireless standards of mobile data communication and is an added technological development to the 2G and 3G services.

“This technology will help to meet demands for higher speeds for the mobile user. The technology standards allow the user to take advantage of more bandwidth for data usage at a better and higher connection rate delivery across the mobile network,” DST said.

Hj Marsad Hj Ismail, DST’s Deputy CEO, said in a statement the debut of 4G LTE in its mobile broadband service was in response to the growing demand for high broadband speeds by its subscribers.

“DST is continuously finding innovative ways of responding to the demand for higher broadband speeds especially due to the increasing number of smartphone users in Brunei,” said Hj Marsad.

The Deputy CEO said that DST focuses on delivering the right customer experience in mobile internet broadband services which hopefully will further facilitate the growth of ICT industry in Brunei.

He went on to explain the benefits 4G LTE service can bring in comparison to previous services such as 3G. 4G LTE delivers better experience than its predecessor and provide better experience for users in online gaming, browsing, higher quality and definition entertainment, video conferencing and overall faster Internet speed, he said.

The telco said in its press release that it is currently providing 4G LTE services for data only, and that the current LTE network is not equipped for voice service.

“LTE subscribers will automatically fall back to 3G to receive or make voice calls,” DST said, adding that it will be introducing 4G LTE services for mobile services on its Prima postpaid and Easi prepaid services in the near future.

DST customers can visit any of its branch offices for information on its package promotions as well as to subscribe a new plan or upgrade their simcard.

“Customers can choose from a number of 4G LTE Go! Broadband plans offered. A free simcard replacement will also be issued for a limited time only,” the telco said.

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